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05th Sep 2023

Ireland ranks as the 4th most popular destination for eloping couples

Katy Thornton

ireland eloping couples

Yes, really.

According to Las Vegas wedding chapel, Chapel of the Flowers, who analysed worldwide elopement trends from Google search data over the last year, Ireland ranks as the 4th most popular spot for Americans to elope. Who’d have thunk it, huh?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the top destination for an American couple looking to elope is Las Vegas.

The Nevada city receives 11,800 searches every month worldwide for search terms like ‘Vegas elopement’ and ‘elope in Las Vegas’, etc., while #Vegaselopement has 24,000 hashtags on Instagram.

Following on from Vegas as a top destination to elope was Italy, and then Scotland, before Ireland entered the chat in 4th, with 5,500 monthly searches into the topic on average.

Rounding out the top destinations list was Spain in 5th, Nashville in 6th, New Orleans in 7th, Iceland in 8th, Greece in 9th, and finally, New York City in 10th.

According to the data, interest in eloping has never been higher. Perhaps due to the high cost of living and spiralling inflation, less couples are looking to tie the knot in a big ceremony, opting for something more intimate and more importantly, affordable.

Google Trends data states the country most interested in elopement is the US, followed by Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Ireland, respectively.

Given how expensive it tends to be to have a wedding in Ireland, we can understand why Irish couples are so interested in it as a concept.

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