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06th Feb 2020

Irish made: These pinatas will add a super fun element to your next party

Brian Dillon


Pinatas are a crazy fun addition to any party.

And these ones are sure to provide a laugh amongst you and your mates during your next get together.

From hilarious creations to absolutely beautiful ones, we are pretty obsessed with this.

Want to throw it back to your younger years of drinking Dutch Gold for your mates birthday? Well…

Or you can even get one of your friend’s favourite musicians in pinata form.

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Damn, I wish there was somewhere I could get an avocado pinata”? Well, now all of your avocado pinata needs can be met.

As can your Borat pinata needs.

Do you have a mate that is and always has been a Belieber? Or are you the Belieber? Don’t lie, I know you are…

The Star Wars fanatic in your life will be pretty in love with these pinatas.

This one would be an ADORABLE Father’s Day gift.

They even make insanely cute personalised wedding pinatas. If your wedding doesn’t have a pinata, then don’t invite me.

Have you ever just wanted to whack the hell out of Donald Trump?

But it’s not all jokes.

They’ve also made pinatas for some incredibly heart-warming moments.

Also, can we talk about how BEAUTIFUL this Valentine’s Day pinata is? Single pringles, this one is for us! We deserve to whack the hell out of this.

And all of these pinatas are handmade by the Irish business Pinata Pinata, owned by Ruth O’Reilly. She fell in love with the craft after spending her honeymoon in Mexico.

She explains, “As family life progressed, making piñatas at home for family and friends was such a pleasure that I’d decided to take the big step and set up a business.

“All designs are unique to Piñatas Piñatas and there are numerous to browse and choose from. If you don’t see what you are looking for I can create a design just for you.”

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