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27th Mar 2019

One Third Of People Wake ‘In a Rage’ At Their Partner For ‘Dream-Cheating’


A new study has found that we are very likely to wake up angry with our significant other over ‘dream cheating’.

Hope Bastine, a psychologist for mattress maker Simba, carried out a poll and found that a third of people have woken ‘in a rage’ after dreaming of their partner cheating on them.

The survey also found that one in four of those who were annoyed admitted that they still felt jealous even after waking up properly.

But after all, it didn’t really happen.

A fifth said that they have argued with their other half after imagining they’d done something wrong or hurtful in a dream.

And rather than just waking up and forgetting about it, many confess to being very vocal about it and starting a big argument with their beau.

The research also discovered one in four couples believe a ‘cheating’ dream has had a negative effect on their day-to-day relationship.

Are you guilty of getting angry at your partner for cheating or doing something wrong in your dream?

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