Jaffa Cakes crowned the most dunk-able biscuit in a controversial turn of events

By Stephen Porzio

November 28, 2023 at 4:57pm


Digestives have been robbed.

A experiment which aimed to work out which biscuit is the most dunkable has determined that the answer is Jaffa Cakes.

As part of the research, which was conducted by TopRatedCasinos.co.uk, 17 of the most popular biscuit types in the UK were dunked into water at the average temperature of a cup of tea (70 - 75C).

Researchers then timed how long each biscuit took to break apart, while counting how many dunks it took before this happened.

"With a whopping 116 dunks, and a total time of 3 minutes and 16 seconds before it even broke apart, the humble Jaffa Cake has been crowned the most dunkable biscuit," a TopRatedCasinos spokesperson said.

"Though we must acknowledge this is perhaps a slightly controversial winner, depending on what side of the ‘biscuit vs. cake’ debate you land on."


Legally, Jaffa Cakes are considered cakes - though you will regularly find them in the biscuit aisle at supermarkets.

Personally we don't think Jaffa Cakes should have even been a candidate - it's like having someone on steroids competing against someone natural. It's not a fair contest.

Also, dunking a Jaffa Cake is just wrong - just because it can be dunked, does not mean it should be dunked.

Photo Illustration by John Keeble/Getty Images

Jaffa Cakes were found to be the 'dunkable biscuit'


In second place for dunkability was the Chocolate Leibniz, which took 80 dunks, and 2 minutes and 20 seconds, to break.

Very close behind in third place was the classic Bourbon, which took just two less dunks than the Liebniz with 78, but held on slightly longer before it broke, with a time of 2 minutes and 28 seconds.

Surprisingly, the plain Digestive was found to be the least dunkable biscuit, with it crumbling after a mere 11.5 seconds - withstanding only six dunks.

That being said, as part of the same study, over 2,000 members of the UK public were asked what their favourite biscuit to dunk is - with the majority (26% percent) choosing plain digestives.

For a list of the ten most dunkable biscuits, see below:

  1. Jaffa Cakes
  2. Chocolate Leibniz
  3. Bourbon
  4. Caramel Digestive
  5. Walker's Shortbread
  6. Party Ring
  7. Malted Milk
  8. Hobnob
  9. Chocolate Digestive
  10. Custard Cream

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