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09th Feb 2021

Leo Varadkar has issued an update about the reopening of hairdressers and barbers

James Fenton

Leo Varadkar has stated that personal services and such as hairdressers and barbers will open “much later” than the March 5 Level 5 expiry date.

Current Covid-19 measures are in place until March 5 and An Tánaiste Leo Varadkar has been speaking today about what could happen on that date.

He told reporters that the Government is “still working on a revised plan to reopen our society and our economy” and there may be a “modification of the existing Living with Covid plan.” Varadkar added that this could be approved in two weeks time.

When asked about the reopening of personal services such as hairdressers and barbers, Varadkar said that “this will definitely be much later than March 5.” He added that he has ordered a clippers online, saying “I think that will be my next haircut.”

On construction, he said that it is hoped the sector will reopen on March 5 but not before that date.