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11th Jan 2022

Louth alpaca farm has a unique use for old Christmas trees

Katy Thornton

Well that’s one good use for your Christmas tree, isn’t it!

Christmas is officially over, and that means taking down all the decorations and boxing everything up for another year. If you’re someone who opts for a real Christmas tree over a fake one, that also means figuring out what the hell to do with it once the holidays pass. There are few things less depressing than a bare undecorated Christmas tree, and sending it to the bin seems like such a waste.

Well, Boyne Valley Alpacas and Valais Blacknose Sheep, a farm in Louth, has found a pretty stellar use for them.

While humans promptly lose usage of their old Christmas trees, the animals at this Louth farm do not. Boyne Valley farm took to Facebook to thank Grand Tree Park for delivering some old trees, as the alpacas and sheep love to “eat, scratch and play with the trees“. This way the trees continue to fulfil their Christmas destiny (or at least that’s what Phoebe Buffay would like to think).

After all, one person’s old Christmas tree is another animal’s scratching post, right?

If you live locally and have a decaying Christmas tree out the back, you can contact Grand Tree Park to collect your tree.

Header image via Facebook/Boyne Valley Alpacas and Valais Blacknose Sheep

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