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04th Oct 2018

PIC: Famous American Actress Is “Retiring And Moving To Ireland” But Her Geography Knowledge Is Terrible

Darragh Berry

They say it’s a long, long way to Tipperary but that’s coming from someone who has never travelled from the top of Donegal to the bottom of Cork.

From the most northern point in Donegal to the most southern point in Cork is no ‘hop in the car and drive 20 minutes sort of journey’.

Oh dear god no.

In order to get from Banba’s Crown in Malin Head to Brow Head near Crookhaven, it will take you a staggering eight hours in a car.

So, when actress Mia Farrow said that she was retiring and moving to Ireland, her tweet raised a lot of eyebrows with followers.

When asked where she was thinking about moving to in Ireland, Farrow gave a response that left us all scratching our head.

“Maybe Donegal. Not too far from Cork.”

Of course, the response from the Twitter army was “you can’t get any further from Cork than being in Donegal.”

She then went on to clarify that she would like to find a house somewhere in between those two counties which saved blushes a bit.

Farrow was once married to Woody Allen and went on to appear in ‘Rosemary’s Baby’, ‘The Great Gatsby’ and ‘The Omen’.

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