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04th Jan 2019

The Most Expensive Irish Taxi Journey Of 2018 Has Been Revealed

James Fenton

We’ve all splashed out a fair amount of money for taxis over the years but spare a thought the poor soul who took one from Artane in Dublin to Dingle in Co. Kerry last year.

Fair enough, the person in question was most likely to be able to afford the four-hour journey but paying a receipt of €673.60 still seems a bit unnecessary, wouldn’t you agree?

The price was the largest taxi fare paid by anyone in Ireland throughout 2018 and the information was released amongst a whole host of interesting facts by Lynk Taxis. Other titbits include the fact that the cheapest fare was €5.60 from the 3 Arena to the Gibson Hotel right next to it while the most common question to a driver was “are ya busy?”

We’re all used to leaving our phones and wallets behind but the weirdest item left in a taxi was a Bearded Dragon lizard while the most famous passenger was Liam Neeson. We’re not sure how they measured that particular one but there ya go.

The full list of 2018 facts released by Lynk Taxis can be seen in the above infographic.

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