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03rd Mar 2021

New survey reveals what Irish people expect holidays to look like in summer 2021

James Fenton

Just 15.9% of Irish people expect to take an overseas holiday in 2021, according to a new survey conducted by the Central Statistics Office (CSO).

In a release titled Social Impact of COVID-19 Survey February 2021, the CSO issued the results of a survey with a sample size of 1,621 individuals that asked their views on what holidays will look like in 2021. The results found that in February, 15.8% of people expect that to take their next international flight some time this year. This is down significantly on the 50.6% who said in November that they expect to take an international at some point in 2021.

39.4% reported they intend to take a holiday in the Republic of Ireland of at least one week’s duration in 2021 compared with the proportion of respondents that said they took such a holiday in a typical year prior to the onset of Covid-19 (30.9%).

Meanwhile, almost three in four (73.3%) respondents reported that, in a typical year prior to the onset of Covid-19, they would take a holiday overseas (including short breaks). Less than one in six (15.9%) of respondents reported that they intend to holiday overseas in 2021.

You can read the results of the survey in full via this link.

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