'It's disgusting' - Parents called out for leaving behind baby's mess at restaurant

By Kat O'Connor

September 8, 2023 at 12:57pm


A viral video slating parents for not cleaning up after their kids at restaurants has sparked debate.

TikToker 'Beau The Legend' has said he felt sorry for restaurant staff after a couple failed to clean up after their baby.

He posted a video of the mess their child caused and said it wasn't fair on the waiters.

Alongside the video, he wrote: "You gotta feel sorry for the wait staff.

"I don't care who you are as a parent, leaving a f**king restaurant like that is disgusting. Surely it's not that hard to pick up after your kids," he added.

Many people defended the parents and said they were probably in a hurry to leave and just didn't get a chance to tidy up.


Others, including wait staff, said it's normal for babies to make a mess and it's their job to tidy up after them.

One waitress said: "I’ve worked as a waitstaff for 10 years and it’s quite literally our job to clean up after guests, of all ages. Kids make a mess, simples."

Another said: "Are parents supposed to bring a dustpan and broom every time they go out?

"My son made a mess like this, I went to ask the lady at the cafe for a broom. She told me not to worry because it’s her job. She told me mine was to relax," another said.

One added: "When I was a server if you tipped me well enough I didn’t care! That’s what people go out for to take a break from the after dinner duties!"


Do you think the man was overreacting?

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