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16th Oct 2023

Penneys discontinues cotton pads as part of sustainability effort

Fiona Frawley

penneys reusable pads sustainability

The retailer is making an effort to be more sustainable.

If you’ve been to your local Penneys recently then you’ll notice one product missing from the shelves, but it’s for a very good reason.

Penneys has decided to discontinue its cotton pads in a bid to be more sustainable.

The popular product has been replaced with a set of reusable cotton pads and they are so handy to use.

The 10-pack of reusable cleansing pads cost €2.50 and are available in Penneys stores now.

Speaking to, Primark’s Elaine Foss explained their decision:

“As a business, we want to do more to reduce waste and encourage our customers to do the same. Earlier this year, we trialed the removal of disposable cotton pads in over 100 stores across 12 markets.

“We saw that our customers had a great reaction to our new reusable offering and are willing to make the switch.

“As a result, we are phasing out the sale of disposable cotton pads from our stores over the coming months.

“We are replacing them with a range of reusable pads for makeup removal and cleansing.”

The reusable pads work much like disposable cotton pads, except you can rinse and repeat rather than throwing them away after one use.

They are made from a minimum of 50% recycled polyester as part of the Primark Cares range.

“We know the importance of value and are excited to bring quality reusable pads to our customers at an affordable price, starting at €2.50 for a 10-pack of small round reusable cleansing pads.”

Have you tried the reusable pads from Penneys yet? We cannot wait to add them to our beauty routine.

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