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WATCH: These €35,000 Homes Could Be The Answer To Ireland’s Housing Crisis

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Trying to find somewhere to rent in Ireland right now is harder than saying no to Coppers at 3am on a Friday night: basically, it’s impossible. 

So the fact that new options are now being thrown around can only be a good thing. Co-living is gaining traction and a new company is now providing everything you’d need in a home for just €35,000. 

Live in one of these for just three years and you’d only be paying €972 a month for your own gaff. 

Boxacc offers “plug and go” transportable accommodation that’s designed for student accommodation, housing or even a fancy home office. 

Their units are completely self-contained, stackable and ready for occupation on delivery. Modules can be linked to form larger floor plans incorporating multiple rooms.

Each unit is compliant with the Building Regulations and Fire Safety Requirements and all interior surfaces are Class O (spread of flame). Modules are Energy efficient incorporating triple glazing and heat recovery ventilation. Fab, eh?

There’s legit everything you need…

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1Bedroom1000 1030X687
2Kitchen1000 1030X687
3Bathroom1000 1030X687

Watch the full video tour here – it’s just like a smaller version of MTV Cribs, right?

We’re intrigued. 

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