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10th Jun 2018

Very Famous Irish Celeb Married Yesterday But Here’s Why His Parents Didn’t Attend

Darragh Berry

What we can say about this man other than that he’s an absolute gem of Irish history.

We owe him big time for one of the greatest moments this little country has ever seen.

We don’t need to paint you the scene but when you hear the name Robbie Brady, you think of Titanic music, Wes floating a ball in and Brady springing into the air like he’s on a trampoline to nod the Republic of Ireland into the Quarter Finals of the Euros in 2016 against France.

The Ireland superstar married his childhood sweetheart, Kerrie Harris on Saturday (you’ll remember that Brady fell into her arms after the famous win against the Italians) but his parents did not attend –

Instead, they decided to stay at home in Dublin.

The Irish Sun revealed that his mother Maria and father Shay, stayed in their house in Dublin for the day and their absence “may suggest that the relationship is not as close as previous years.”

A source told the publication that:

“It seems Robbie and his parents may have drifted apart in more recent times.”

His father said that:

“It’s not up here, it’s down in Limerick, we’re not going, no. I wouldn’t like to talk [anymore] about that now.”

It’s not that far from Dublin to Limerick, is it?

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