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This New Roy Keane Story Just Shows How Fecking Scary The Man Really Is

By Darragh Berry

March 22, 2018 at 11:38am


In footballing times like these, the world - especially Manchester United and Republic of Ireland fans - are crying out for a leader and midfielder with the same talent as Roy Keane.

The Nottingham Forest, United And Celtic star is notorious for his one-liners off the pitch and for having one of the shortest tempers on a football pitch. 

However, some would argue that it was that brute anger that gave him that extra something that made him one of the planet's best footballers in the 90's and early 00's. 

He grilled 'plastic' United fans shortly after their treble winning season for being more interested in the 'prawn sandwiches' than the football on the pitch proving that he wasn't a man to mince his words.

There's no bullshit about him and that trait stuck by him when he became a football manager.

Everyone remembers this chilling moment...

Well, it turns out that there is another famous Roy Keane phone story that has only came to light recently and it involves the former Irish footballer and now sport superstar Gerard Pique.

Pique, has won every accolade possible at Barcelona and even started his career there but did spend a brief time at United when he was a teenager.

He found himself in the first team after a successful run in the reserves and he told The Player's Tribune, that he felt the wrath of Keane on his first day.

"One of my very first matches at Old Trafford, we were in the dressing room getting ready, and I was nervous as hell.

"Imagine it - I'm 18 years old, and I'm sitting in that little dressing room putting on my socks next to Ruud van Nistelrooy, Ryan Giggs and Rio Ferdinand. I wanted to be invisible. I was thinking, 'Just do your job and go unnoticed'.

"So we're sitting there waiting for the gaffer (Alex Ferguson) to come in and speak to us, and I'm literally sitting right next to Roy Keane. The dressing room is so small that our legs are almost touching. There's no space at all.

"It's dead quiet. All of a sudden, you could hear this little vibration. Very soft. Roy is looking around the room.

"I realise it's me. It's my cell phone. I left it on vibrate, and it's in the pocket of my pants, stuffed in the clothes bag that's hanging right behind Roy's head.

"Roy can't find where the noise is coming from. Now he's looking around the room like a maniac.

"His eyes are darting everywhere, and he's trying to figure it out. You know the famous scene with Jack Nicholson in The Shining, when he bursts through the door? That's what he looked like.

"He screams out to everybody, 'Whose phone is that?!'. Silence. He asks again. Silence. He asks a third time. 'Whose. Bloody. Fucking. Phone. Is. That?!'

"Finally, I spoke up, like a little boy. Very softly, I said, 'I'm so sorry. It's mine."

"Roy lost his mind! He went nuts in front of everybody! It was incredible. I almost shit myself. But it was a good lesson.

"Now, in 2018, everything is different. All these kids are on their iPhones before the matches. But back then, in 2006? It was a different world. You didn't do that. Especially not at United. Not in Roy's dressing room. It was one of a thousand mistakes that I made when I was at United."

Note to self, if you meet Roy Keane in person, throw your phone as far away from you as possible. 

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