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22nd Sep 2018

‘Shaveducking’ Is The Cruel New Dating Term That Is Damaging Relationships In Ireland

Darragh Berry

We hear you. Another dating term with a really weird name.

This one is a bit harsh on the lads, especially those with beards.

Metro explain that Shaveducking occurs when you see a good-looking man who looks flawless in every photo but then you meet up and…

“You notice something. His eyes are a bit close together, aren’t they? His cheekbones are not as sharp, his jawline not as strong. Is this person actually attractive, or do they just have good facial hair?”

Apparently, Shaveducking is when you’re not quite sure whether you are attracted to a man, or just his facial hair.

Its reasoning for being called this is, “because you’d do anything to dodge them shaving their beard and trimming off your affections in the process.

Of course, the one way to battle this cursed affliction is to, you know, ask that person if you can see a photo of them when they didn’t have the beard.

ORRRR, you can wait it out and spend years trying to convince them to hold on to their facial hair, no matter how out of fashion it becomes.

Ah, relationship terms, when will you ever get old?

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