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23rd Jul 2018

PIC: Irish Playground Forced To Close For The Most Disgusting Reason

Darragh Berry

There’s no greater sight or sound than children laughing and playing in the Irish summer sun.

If you grew up in the country, you probably had acres of fields to roam about in and a slide could even come in the form of a grassy hill with a drop that you could roll down.

It still wouldn’t beat the thrill and craic of the playground in town but you’d have to make do with what you have for the time being.

This Irish playground is constantly being collected with funds being raised to help maintain its class and care-free structure, providing an area for children to play.

However, the people of Sixmilebridge were left shocked over the weekend when it was announced that their playground was closed because there had been human faeces left inside the area.

And as if that wasn’t bad enough, it was the third time in the space of a week that the incident had occurred.

Smb Playground

Image credit: Reddit

The playground will remain shut until further notice.