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22nd Jan 2018

PICS: Irishman’s Graphic Teeth Story Will Put You Off Fizzy Drinks For Life

Darragh Berry

Michael Sheridan from Ashbourne in Meath had to get 27 of his decayed teeth removed after they went rotten because of his addiction to fizzy drinks.

The 32-year-old had been in constant pain for the last ten years and lived on a diet of yogurt, Weetabix and soup as he was unable to use his teeth for biting. 

Michael’s condition was so bad, that he was offered oral health to fix his teeth and the normal costs of up to €50,000 for implant treatment was waived because his case was so unique and horrifying.

His teeth had been causing him pain for a decade and it also shattered his self-conscious. 

Speaking to The Irish Examiner, he said:

“I used to keep my teeth hidden and talk as little as possible to people.  If I was out with friends, I’d sit further back when talking because I was conscious of my bad breath.

“I would eat soup, yoghurt and Weetabix every week.  Sometimes I wouldn’t sleep because of the pain and if I went out for a meal with my partner Linda, I’d have pain straight away.”

Fizzy Drinks Jan

Pictures Via The Irish Examiner.

Part of the reason that Michael’s diet was so bad was because of his teeth but the other part was because the copious amounts of fizzy drinks that he consumed would fill up his stomach. 

“I was addicted to them.  I’d drink six litres or more a day – whatever I could get my hands on.  I always had a bottle of minerals in my hand.”

Michael knew that a change needed to be made especially with his wedding just around the corner.

So, he decided to take up the offer of the dental care and had his 27 teeth surgically removed in one sitting at Boyne Dental & Implant Clinic last week.

“I was two hours in the chair under local anesthetic.  It was uncomfortable but not that painful.  I’ve been walking around in constant pain for ten years, so this was nothing,”  he said.

Fizzy Drinks Jan 2

Nice, new gnashers, Michael.

Would this put you off drinking fizzy drinks?

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