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31st Oct 2023

The 9 best Irish costumes from Halloween 2023

Katy Thornton

irish costumes halloween 2023

And barely a Barbie or Ken to be seen.

It’s that time again – Halloween season is nearing its end, and before we lament its passing for another year, we have to have a look at all the costumes because Irish people are nothing if not creative.

While there are some consistent costumes I will never not be happy to see – Pitbull being the main one – this year saw some truly stellar displays, and we can’t bid spooky season adieu until we’ve given them their day in the sun.

Strangely enough despite all our predicting, there was a serious lack of Barbie, Ken, and Oppenheimers – the fear of being basic actually made these costumes niche, few and far between.

Maria Lawlor as Lost Mary Lou

I mean this one should win literal awards – obsessed. No notes. Next.

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The Dowling Gourounlians as The Addamms Family

The Dowling Gourounlian Family have pulled off an oldie but a goldie with this Addamms Family collective costume.

Jedward as Elphaba and Glinda

Ireland’s favourite twin brothers really pull off this famous duo costume and we’re obsessed. 10/10 for their commitment to the bit.

Alyssa as The Salmon of Knowledge

It’s about time the salmon of knowledge got the recognition it deserves and we couldn’t be happier that time has finally come.

Aisling Bonner as 99 Problems

Aisling Bonner did not disappoint after her iconic Seagull costume last year with this embodiment (or en-cone-ment) of 99 problems.

Fionnoula Jay as Dizzy from Bob the Builder

A truly one of a kind costume, I had to go googling to recall exactly who Dizzy was in the Bob the Builder lore. Huge points to Fionnoula for bringing our attention to Dizzy after all this time.

Mary-Claire Fitzpatrick as Mrs Doyle and Pat Mustard

Serious commitment to the bit with this Pat Mustard and Mrs Doyle sketch from Mary-Claire Fitzpatrick.

Incel and Excel

And not one single note was required on this one. Bualadh bos. Brava.

Mr Bean

Keilidh Mua once again proves that makeup artistry is a certain kind of magic as she transformed herself into Mr Bean for spooky season. We are shook to our core.

We’re already buzzing for what 2024 will bring.

Header images via Twitter / Jedward & Instagram / Keilidh Mua 


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