There's Plenty Of Irish Representation On This Year's Tinder Top 30

By James Fenton

September 5, 2019 at 3:10pm


Ahh, Tinder. The 21st century Cilla Black.

Granted, a lot of you whippersnappers won't get that reference but those a bit older will know that the dating app pretty much does the same job that the late Liverpudlian did on TV back in the 90s, namely bringing together folks that haven't yet met each other.

Another reason that people have Tinder though is simply to have a gawk and, according to a new list released by Cosmopolitan, some people get gawked at a lot more than others.

The magazine has rounded up the top 30 singles on the dating platform and, naturally enough, there's plenty of Irish representation. For instance, a 27-year-old financial analyst from Dublin named Dáire makes the cut as does 19-year-old food retail server Elise from Antrim.

Throw in 26-year-old Peter (Belfast), 23-year-old Liam (Galway), 19-year-old Ali (Down) and 21-year-old Shane (Westmeath) and we're doing very well for ourselves.

27-year-old Éanna, living in Edinburgh, completes the list of Irish Tinder champions and it's fair to say that's not a bad ratio. You can have a look at them all and find out their tips by following this link.


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