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05th Mar 2018

Eight Struggles That You’ll Relate To If You’ve Had To Move Back In With Your Parents


One minute you’re enjoying the freedom of living independently and finally feel that you’ve reached the peak of adulthood.

Then, things take a turn for the worse and you find yourself moving back home.

The last thing any of us wants is to move back in with to our beloved parents. 

Sure, they are great supporters, cooks and child-minders but do you really want to live with them now that you thought you were ‘all grown up’? Nope.

Here are some of the many struggles you will face when you return to your nest…

1. Having to call if you’re going to be home late

You are out with the crew and have decided to hit the town for the night but first and foremost, you have to give your Mam and Dad a call.

Otherwise your poor mother would be worried sick and your Dad will be up all night saying rosaries.

Just make that phonecall to say you’ll be late, it will save you a lecture.

2. Absolutely. No. Privacy.

Your own personal space and privacy will now be a thing of the past. 

Your Mam will open your post (which is clearly addressed to you) and call to ask if you will be home for dinner. She will also want the latest update on your ‘relationship’.

You are going to feel exposed in your parent’s home. They will know everything.

3. ‘Not while you are under my roof’ never-ending lectures

You were used to your own routine and doing what you wanted. 

Now you are home again and find that your parents have gone into full lecture mode, as if you were a rebellious teen. Just don’t roll your eyes, try to compromise.

4. Bringing someone home after a night out is strictly off the cards

So you have met a potential lover (possibly just for the night) and when you reach for your apartment keys, you suddenly come back to the reality that you are living at home again. 

There’s no way you can get away with sneaking a lad up to your room. Imagine the embarrassment if your mother asks if he wants some breakfast the next morning. 

5. Sex scenes on TV are even more awkward

Remember watching TV when you were younger with your parents and you’d go red when a love scene would appear on screen? That doesn’t change with age.

You now have to steadily avoid anything with a scene of that sorts in case your Mam or Dad walks in or decided to join you. Awks.

 6. You left the toilet seat up… again

This one is for the lads who have the habit of leaving the toilet seat up, again and again. 

Now that you are home, your mother will never let you get away with it. You will never hear the end of it. Just take a moment to put the seat back down when you’re done with your potty business. 

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7. The ‘You never clean up after yourself’ speech

When you move back home, you can fall into the habit of relying on your mam to cook, clean and look after you. But you really shouldn’t take advantage of this because it will cause World War III. 

Try to cook breakfast once in a while and for God’s sake, put your dirty clothes in the bin and not your floor.

You may not feel like an adult but you still have to act like it.

8. Your Dad isn’t a piggy bank

You may have lost your job and can’t afford to rent your own place anymore, but some things have changed. There’s no way your Dad will be giving you a dig-out these days.

And don’t forget to pay something towards shopping and bills. If not, you’ll soon feel like a burden or get the ‘when are you moving back out?’ talk.

Let’s pray that it’s soon!