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This Simple Trick Will Help You Fall Asleep 15 Minutes Faster

By Shirleydonlon

January 17, 2018 at 12:56pm


There's nothing worse than being super tired, but not being able to actually fall asleep.

Whether you've had a busy day at work, friends or family are stressing you out, or relationship problems are really starting to get to you, sometimes it can be hard to switch off.

However, Mail Online have revealed the most effective way to clear your head so you can nod off in peace - and it is SO easy.

A new study, published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, proved that writing a to-do list before bed can seriously help you sleep. 


They carried out the research by asking some people to either write a list of tasks they have already completed, and asking others to write a list of things they have yet to do.

They found that those who wrote a detailed to-do list of tasks they wanted to complete fell asleep 15 minutes faster than those who wrote a list of tasks they had already completed.

This is because writing down things that need to be done is an 'offloading' process that reduces stress and anxiety.

It sounds almost too easy to be true, but if it helps us fall asleep even a few minutes earlier than usual, we'll definitely give it a try!

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