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20th Feb 2023

Tips to flip – 7 ways to avoid a meltdown this Pancake Tuesday

Fiona Frawley

For something so simple, pancakes have the potential to cause some amount of grief and heartache in the kitchen.

Look, maybe you’re an absolute whizz, flipping rings around us all every Shrove Tuesday without a bother. If so, this article probably isn’t for you, but best of luck with your fluffy stack (or delicate crepes depending on your style).

However, if you’ve found yourself reduced to tears over batter that just won’t co-operate, we see you. We hear you, and your experience is valid. Here’s a list of tips from the Lovin team to survive Pancake Tuesday, and create a beautiful stack without a hiccup.

1. Whisk dry and wet ingredients separately first

Pre-whisking your eggs, milk, vanilla extract and so on together first before adding them to the dry ingredients will give you a smoother mix. A couple of lumps are okay – don’t ware the arm of yourself frantically whisking. This step will help you avoid big, troublesome ones.  Bonus top tip – premix your dry ingredients the night/day before to save yourself a bitta time, or if you’re Kardashian fridge levels of organised you could even have a few jars of pre-prepared dry pancake mix in the cupboard to add milk and eggs to whenever the feeling moves you. You’ll never reach for a shop bought mix again.

2. Allow your batter to rest

Take inspiration from everyone’s favourite potato meme and let your pancake batter rest for 15-30 mins if possible. During this time the flour will absorb the liquid, ridding your mix of pesky lumps. It also gives you a bit of time to get your head in the game before the main flipping event.

3. Preheat the pan

Another step that requires a level of patience not many Irish people possess. Preheat the pan on medium heat. Once it’s hot, reduce to a medium-low temperature and wait about two minutes. These crucial 120 seconds will pave the way for evenly cooked, golden brown pancakes.

4. The first pancake doesn’t count

Accepting this fact is essential for your mental health. I’m surprised Bressie has never mentioned it, tbh. The first pancake is your practice round, an opportunity to check in with pan temperature, batter consistency, grease levels and your general emotional wellbeing. Once it’s done, throw it in the bin and put it out of your mind. The first pancake can’t hurt you anymore.

5. Grease your pan in between every cake (even if it’s non-stick)

Lash a sliver of real butter onto a bit of kitchen roll and wipe a light layer all over the pan. This gives you Goldilocks levels of grease for the perfect, flippable pancakes.

6. Make smaller pancakes if you struggle with flipping

This step changed my pancake game significantly. If you’re not a confident flipper, there’s no need for your pancake to fill the whole pan. Making smaller ones gives you more space to find the perfect vantage point with your spatula, and they’ll be less likely to break in half. I use the free red scooper that comes with porridge to measure mine out. You’ll never look back.

Wee lifesaver. 

7. Get someone else to prepare the toppings

You’ve enough to be dealing with without slicing lemons and rooting out the maple syrup. Delegation is key. Focus on your pan and the rest will take care of itself.

Happy flipping one and all.

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