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24th Feb 2023

Today is International ‘I Hate Coriander Day’ for all who celebrate

Katy Thornton

hate coriander day

“Why is that on our food?”

Coriander haters around the world are rejoicing today, on their day – ‘I hate coriander day’.

According to, International Today, the annual herb hating day originated in 2013, with the launching of a Facebook page, that was named as you’d expect: ‘I hate coriander’.

To date, 282,000 people signed up to the I Hate Coriander Facebook page. The Instagram page has 21,000 followers. And there’s merch available.

According to members of the group, some 10 per cent of the world hates coriander – known to Americans as cilantro – because it tastes like soap to them.

Some scientific research, however, suggests it is caused by a gene called OR6A2, which affects the olfactory receptors.

According to a survey, the majority of people who hate coriander are of European ethnicity. and the very name comes from the Greek word ‘koris’ meaning ‘bug.’

Genetic testing company 23andMe surveyed 50,000 people and asked their thoughts on coriander.

When comparing the DNA of the haters to the lovers, the researchers found that the haters thought it tasted like soap, but put that down to genetics.

“Cilantro’s aromatic qualities primarily depend on a group of compounds known as aldehydes,” the report reads.

“One type of aldehyde has been described as being ‘fruity’ and ‘green’ and another type as being ‘soapy’ and ‘pungent’.

“We identified codes for a receptor called OR6A2, which is known to detect aldehydes such as those found in cilantro.”

According to The Telegraph approximately 10 per cent of people have the gene that causes coriander to taste unpleasant.

This receptor gene causes the olfactory substances in the plant to bind in a stronger manner to the receptors, and is more common in women and people of European descent.

According to Healthline, there are eight health benefits to the divisive herb. It can lower blood sugar, is rich in immune-boosting antioxidants, can boost heart health, protects brain health and can promotes digestion and gut health.

This article originally appeared on JOE UK

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