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26th Jan 2018

This Type Of Shop Was Where The First ‘White Creme Egg’ Was Found In Ireland

Darragh Berry

The Irish Sun is reporting that one of the first ‘White Creme Eggs’ in Ireland has been found in a Spar shop in Wexford. 

The local man scooped up the €1,000 prize and is one of the first people to be made public about the big win. 

There is 78 eggs hidden in shops around the country by Cadbury’s and people are going crazy trying to find them as they can win cash prizes of up to €1,000. 

Only 13 of the white eggs are worth €1000 each and the remaining 65 are worth €100.

A spokesperson for Cadbury’s Ireland told the publication that there have been a small number of winners in Ireland so far.

The closing date for people to claim their prizes from the white eggs is April 1, 2018.

Happy searching, folks. 

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