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12th Mar 2021

You can now buy turf scented candles and they’re about as Irish as it gets

Sarah Finnan


For anyone missing the smell of turf on an open fire. 

Summers in the bog are one part of my childhood that I don’t miss. Footing turf is damn hard work… work that I’m just not cut out for (sorry dad). That excuse may work for me now, but it was far from accepted when I lived at home – the phrase ‘my house, my rules’ comes to mind – and so, I begrudgingly spent many a hot, summer eve helping my family fill the trailer and bring the turf home.

A complete novelty to those who don’t live out in the shticks, romanticising it don’t make it any less taxing let me tell you. But, that being said, it’s hard to beat the smell of turf on an open fire. You can take the girl out of the bog, but you can’t take the bog out of the girl… or something like that.

Thankfully though, HOME lifestyle has come up with a way for us to bypass the rigamarole and go straight for the gold with their new turf scented candles.

Unveiling the new addition just in time for Paddy’s Day, a turf scented candle is about as Irish as they come and would make for a great gift for anyone missing home on our national holiday this year.

Recreating the same distinctive smell that only a burning piece of turf can give, each candle gives off notes of “precious cedarwood, patchouli infused with spices, amber, rose, vetiver, vanilla and moss”. And here I thought turf was just dried peat! More fool me, eh?

Described as “rich, comforting and earthy”, creators have compared it to “dusky evenings, smokey aromas rolling in across the fields, a tender embrace and shared cups of tea gathered around the hearth.”

Ok, I’m sold.

Where can one get a turf scented candle? Available on the HOME website, each one costs €34.50.

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