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15th Dec 2020

AIB warn of new text scam that some customers may find very convincing

Rory Cashin

The new text scam brings customers to a very convincing fake AIB website.

AIB have warned of a new text scam that some customers may find to be very convincing.

The scam involves a customer receiving a text, stating that their card has recently been used for an online transaction, followed by a link to what appears to be an AIB website, which the text suggests you click on as soon as possible if you did not perform any recent online purchases.

From there, you will be brought to a realistic looking AIB website, which will immediately state that your bank card was used for suspicious transactions, before requesting you enter your login details:

AIB released a statement on the matter online, telling their customers the following:

“We’ve been alerted by customers to fraudulent texts pretending to be from AIB and other banks. If you have received this text please do not click on the link. If you have responded to these texts please contact us immediately and email a copy of the text to [email protected]

Perhaps a shorthand for spotting this particular AIB scam is looking at the website it wants to bring you to, which reads, when all actual AIB online websites are run through

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