The 14 Best Irish Tweets This Week

Bow down, bitches

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Tweeting has been around for what seems like aeons, but while some use it exclusively to update everyone about their mundane social lives and political state of mind, some use it for the greater good: being gas.

We thank you all, you guys make the world a better place. 

1. The daily struggle with @ScauldySpice

2. Fashion with @RichieMcCormack

3. Politics with @amyohconnor

4. The serious questions with @LeahTiscione

5. Arse-covering for dummies with @ImMichaelBrown

6. Parenting with @bazlyons

7. Real talk with @pilotbacon

8. Nights out with @seanfaye

9. Shade with @MustardCreams


10. Divilment with @GerryAdamsSF

11. Music with @killian_fallon

12. Diva worship with @JamieTouhy

13. Disappointment with @luberachi

14. And finally, finding yourself with @samwhatislife

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