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22nd Sep 2021

Dazzle the dog wins additional Player of the Month with the ICC

Katy Thornton

He played phenomenally to be fair

Is there anything more whimsical than seeing an animal on a sports pitch. There’s so many questions – where did they come from, where did they go…? There’s just something hilarious about it and Dazzle the dog did just what his name suggests.

In a Northern Ireland cricket match on the 11th September, Dazzle the dog interrupted the game play when he sprinted onto the pitch. Bready and CSNI were facing off in the semi-final of the women’s Clear Currency All-Ireland T20 Cup when Dazzle dropped in for a visit.

As you can see in the video, Dazzle runs around the pitch first, his lead and harness still attached meaning this was probably a great escape. Eventually he decides he wants to play as well, taking the ball for himself and sprinting off. After some good natured chasing, the ball was retrieved, but Dazzle’s efforts did not go unnoticed.

Dazzle was then awarded the ICC’s Dog of the month special award, as well as player of the month. We think he more than deserves the award.

Header image via Twitter/icc

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