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21st Jul 2018

QUIZ: Can You Identify EVERY County In Ireland By Their Shape Alone?


Tell me this and tell me no more: could you identify your home county if you could see nothing more than its outline on a map?

If you just mentally snorted and thought “obviously“, then you really are secure in your geographical knowledge, aren’t you?

Since you’re that confident, surely you wouldn’t mind putting yourself to the test? Course ya wouldn’t.

What we have here is the ultimate jigsaw puzzle, in that we’ve broken the whole island of Ireland into 32 little pieces and now its your job to put it back together by identifying which county is which.

You can expect it to be difficult because, let’s be real here, who actually knows what Louth looks like?

Well, how did you do? What counties were the trickiest? Let us know in the comments.

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