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23rd Oct 2019

Lake Tahoe Is One Of My Favourite Places To Visit In America

Alan Fisher

It’s amazing.

High up in the mountains, tucked away from the hectic lifestyle America usually offers.

Lake Tahoe is just stunning and the perfect place to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

I went after a summer trip to Vegas and I really couldn’t recommend it more as a little retreat (rehab) after taking on the strip.

Fresh air, fresh water and plenty of time to take a long, hard look at yourself after your antics in Nevada.

A quote from my mate Richie as we just now reminisced about Tahoe summed it up: “I remember how the air felt alarmingly fresh as if I’d have spent the rest of my life living in a 90s bar full of smoke.”

Buried deep in the woods, we booked a log cabin to fit the six of us.

We were all tucked into cosy little bedrooms and there was the main sitting room for us to chill.

The cabin also came with a BBQ which we took full advantage of on a nightly basis as there was a market around the corner where we bought fresh food.

The days are spent doing a range of different things from jet skiing, wakeboarding, kayaking, paddle boarding and cliff jumping to just chilling on the beach.

The water is pretty cold as you are quite high up but it really cleanses the soul. Just ask The Happy Pear lads.

Paddleboarding with the outrageous surroundings Tahoe has to offer was definitely a highlight.

There are also some unbelievable areas to find some decent sized rocks and jump into the lakes.

Not encouraging you to ever try this, but take a look at the surroundings:

Although there are some bars and restaurants around, Tahoe for me is all about the day time. Apart from all the amazing water activities, hiking is a big part of the culture with a huge amount of trails to take on.

I have only ever been to Lake Tahoe during the summer which is clearly fantastic but during the colder months, it is the perfect place for a skiing trip.

There are loads of slopes to enjoy and make sure to get a hot tub with your cabin.