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22nd Dec 2016

5 Delicious Veggie Alternatives To The Usual Christmas Meat Feast


Everyday more and more people are opting for the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle. They’re swapping ham for hummus, beef for bananas and pork for pulses.

Christmas doesn’t have to be a miserable time for the non-meat eaters. Here are some of the alternatives one can indulge in during the festive season.

1. Middle East Feast

The latest trend in the street food market has to be of the Middle Eastern kind. We’re hot for hummus and fancying falafel.

The variety available is incredible. From salads loaded with baby spinach, quinoa, pomegranate seeds and beetroot to baba ganoush and stuffed vine leaves. There’s an alternative for everything that’s expected at a traditional Christmas dinner.

Recipe for homemade falafel here.

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2. Nut Roast

Bursting with protein, the nut roast is a typical substitute for a classic roast dinner. They’re full of winter vegetables, a variety of nuts and spices.

Serve with a tomato sauce. Recipe can be found here.

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3. Balsamic Brussel sprouts

Instead of boiling the sprouts in the ham water, dribble balsamic vinegar and honey over the green goodies and sprinkle some cranberries to finish.

You won’t recognise the the mini cabbages!

Try the easy recipe out here.

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4. Beet Bourguignon

The clue is in the beet!

This fabulously rich dish of winter veg soaked in red wine and vegetable stock will provide you with that warmth and sustenance we all crave on Christmas Day.

Did I mention that wine was one of the ingredients?

Recipe here.



5. A Christmas Curry

There may be no meat but there’s still plenty of ingredients in this colossal curry. It can be prepared in advance too meaning less stress but more flavour!

This spicy recipe can be found here.

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