4 places to get a killer cocktail in Killarney

By Valerie Reid

November 15, 2023 at 1:42pm


There's no shortage of spots to grab a cocktail in Kerry's foremost party town

Killarney is an absolute must-visit spot in Ireland whether you’re there on a hen, stag, or just keen on seeing the red stags (see what we did there?). Regardless of whether you consider yourself an absolute cocktail connoisseur, or you don’t know your Manhattans from your Martinis, there is something for everyone in Killarney. With cosy pubs that have more stories than your grandad after a few scoops, and hip bars that are cooler than an iceberger, we strongly encourage visitors to check out these spots for a top-tier tipple. Here are our top recommendations when visiting the Kerry hot spot:

4. The Lane

2 Brewery Lane, more info here

This spot is absolutely one for those of us who enjoy people-watching. Large glass windows completely line the left of the building, overlooking a busy laneway in the Killarney streets - perfect for sipping away on a cocktail from the bar's extensive menu.  Additionally, the restaurant and bar have a wide-ranging menu, which is perfect if you're looking to line your stomach before a big night on the town.


3. J.M. Reidy's

4 Main Street, more info here

This sweetshop-come-pub dates back to the 1870s and has a long and colourful history. Don't be deceived by the outside of the building - although it looks like a normal shop front, with sweets jars lining the window, on the inside lies a cosy restaurant which turns into a vibrant bar at night. The cocktail menu takes inspiration from its past as a sweet shop, and you can order cocktails like their Toffee White Russian or choose from classics like the ever-reliable espresso martini. Expect live music, sing-alongs, and dancing a plenty at this quintessential Killarney bar.



2. Killarney Brewing and Distilling Company

Killalee, more info here

This newly opened brewery and distillery lies just a short ten-minute drive from the city centre. Their upstairs bar and restaurant is an absolute favourite with locals and tourists alike, and for good reason. Comfortable leather-lined booths and dark wooden tables are dotted along the venue, all facing large windows that overlook the incredible Killarney National Park and mountains. In addition, the service is absolutely brilliant, with knowledgeable staff happy to provide more information. If someone at your party isn't a fan of cocktails, they can also sample the many beers that are brewed on-site. Do yourself a favour and get the Rabbit Island cocktail - it's heaven in a glass.


1. Pig's Lane


College Street, more info here

This flashy new underground bar in Killarney is the perfect spot for a few tipples before hitting the town. Notably, each cocktail has been created by world-champion mixologist Ariel Sanecki, so rest assured that you're in good hands. The interior of the bar is absolutely stunning and is an ode to the roaring 20's illicit speakeasy bars in America. There is even a whiskey parlour at the back of the bar - if you can find the hidden entrance. If you're craving something that isn't on the menu, the bartenders are happy to whip you up something else. They're absolute pros. This spot is a must-visit if you're looking for some of the best cocktails in Killarney.

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