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6 Ways To Travel When You're Broke As Shit

By Dylan Varian

May 27, 2017 at 7:00am


Everyone loves to travel, but the only real thing keeping us from all doing it full time is a little thing called money.

Forget scraping pennies for the next few months to try and afford that weekend break to the city you've always wanted to visit because here are 6 ways to travel when you're broke as shit.

1. Work While You Travel


A lot of jobs include travel. So why not work while you travel. Forget office jobs, try working on a cruise ship or even teaching abroad. One of my friends teaches a fitness class in each place he visits and he has never been happier. Every so often a postcard will arrive in the post from a new place he is in and I am not jealous at all - I swear.

2. Work Remotely


Digital jobs are on the rise and as a result working remotely is also on the rise. Why not book a cheap flight, grab your bag and laptop and work from a coffee shop with wifi in almost any city. Your boss won't mind once you're getting your work done.

There are also a tonne of co-working spaces which take in people just like you who have decided to work remotely. This is definitely worth checking out.

3. Rent Your Place On AirBnb


This is one of the best things we've ever discovered. Simply just put your place up on Airbnb for the dates you'll be gone. And better yet stay in a place abroad that is much cheaper than your place and you will be actually making money to go abroad. If you can combine this with point 2 you're laughing and raking in the cash to travel.

4. Use Your Skills For Free Stuff


You'd be surprised how often and how easy this works. Just pinpoint what you're good at. Be it web-design, photography, writing or like my friend which I mentioned above who does fitness classes.

Email a hostel or hotel before you leave and offer them your skills in exchange for a free stay. Design them a website, help them with the copy on their marketing material, offer a free fitness class or take some professional pictures for their website. You'll be surprised how willing people are to accept this as payment as they often have a free room and would have to pay a couple hundred euro to get your service done anyway.

5. Voluntourism


Never heard this word before? Well it's about to change your life. That’s volunteer + tourism. It’s basically when you go on a trip to do something that helps the locals — like teaching English as second language, or building houses and schools for communities in need — and in return, your stay is compensated.

6. House Sit or Pet Sit


This is brilliant because it works out for everyone. The owners of the house know that their house or pet is being looked after and you get free accommodation. It's a win win and loads of people are looking for this because kennels, etc. cost a bomb.,, and are a good place to start.

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