Expedia Apologises After Sending Email To Customer Saying 'F*ck You'

They also cancelled the woman's holiday

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Holiday website Expedia has apologised to a customer who received an abusive email from the company.

Cara Viramontes had booked a holiday for herself, her husband and her eight-month-baby but got a shock when she logged on to the website to check her itinerary.

She noticed that she had been charged for travel insurance for her son, even though he did not require a flight, so she called the Expedia helpline.

She found the customer service agent to be unhelpful and later received an email from Expedia asking about her experience.

“I was honest. I said ‘do you know what, the lady wasn’t helpful – I asked to speak with the supervisor and she wouldn’t let me’.”

Two days later, she received another email informing her that her flights had been cancelled, with the message 'f*uck you'.

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“I thought it was a joke. Everyone I show, their first reaction is they laugh they think it’s a joke. Nobody can believe that a company as credible as Expedia would ever do something like this," she told CBS LA

Expedia has since apologised and committed to rebook Viramontes, give her a full refund and a voucher for future travel.

"We take this matter very seriously and have opened up an investigation analyzing every click and action made by our customer service agents,” said a spokesperson.

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