Here Is The Best Hotel In Ireland, According To TripAdvisor

It's held the top place for four years running

Hotel 1

If you, like us, are already thinking about your next holiday after the long weekend, you might like to consider Ireland's best hotel: Harvey's Point.

According to the much loved travel site TripAdvisor, this Donegal getaway holds our little island's top spot among the 25 best hotels in Ireland (not to mention number 13 in Europe), and we can see why. 

The hotel overlooking Lough Eske has been described as "spacious, tasteful, and very comfortable" by one reviewer, and affords gorgeous views of Donegal's natural features.

Take a look at the dreamy resort below.

Hotel 1
Hotel 2
Hotel 3
Hotel 4
Hotel 5
Hotel 6
Hotel 8
Hotel 7

Just 10 minutes from Donegal Town, the hideaway is also very easily accessible. To find out more about the picturesque hotel, click here.

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