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Here Is What A Typical Sandwich Looks Like In 21 European Countries

By Dylan Varian

December 20, 2016 at 12:18am


Everybody loves a good sandwich. Whether it be a for lunch or just a snack you really can't go wrong with a nice old fashioned sandwich. They are so engraned in our history that every country even has a signature one. So here are 21 of those in Europe.

1. Turkey

Lamb. Veg. And some of the best sauce you'll ever taste. The doner kebab is hands down one of the most tastiest things on the planet and if you are not a fan of the fatty goodness then there is clearly something wrong with you.

2. Portugal

Stuffed with the meat of your choice – often ham or sausage – covered in a beer and whisky-based sauce, and topped with cheese and an egg. Yum.

3. Denmark

Open-faced rye sandwiches or Smørrebrød. Toppings vary, but often include fish, veggies, and paté.

4. Germany


Leberkäsesemmel is a thick slice of meat (usually a combination of beef, pork, bacon, and onion) is served on a semmel roll and eaten hot.

5. France

Jambon beurre is a baguette sandwich typically smothered with butter and stuffed with ham, cheese, and gherkin.

6. Netherlands

The classic Dutch broodje kroket is, as The Guardian puts it, “log-shaped nuggets of meat ragu” that are battered, fried, and stuffed into rolls or between slices of white bread with mustard.

7. Poland

Zapiekanka, an open-faced extra-long baguette covered in sautéed mushroom, onion, and cheese, baked in the oven, then drizzled with ketchup.

8. Finland

Porilainen is pretty simple. Slices of pork sausage are served on white bread and topped with veggies, garlic flavouring, and mayo, mustard, or ketchup.

9. Spain

A bocadillo is a Spanish sandwich all about the meat or egg and served exclusively on baguette-style bread

10. Serbia


A pljeskavica is made up of a ground patty, usually made from beef and or pork, topped with cheese and cabbage.

11. Belgium

The mitraillette sandwich is famous for a load of frites piled high on top of fried meat and smothered in mayo.

12. Italy

Everyone loves a panini, or panino which is the singular apparently. A bit of meat, a bit of cheese, toast it and the cruchy outside combined with the melty inside is just to die for.

13. Austria

Called the bosna or bosner in Austria. You’ll get onions, peppers, curry spices, and mustard heaped on your sausage and stuffed into a bun.

14. England


Bacon. Lettuce. Tomato. Very simple, yet very effective. This with a nice cup of tea and you can't really get more British.

15. Ireland

On this list this has to be my favourite, and yes I am slightly biased because I grew up eating these things but damn are the delicious. A packet of taytos (crisps) some butter (KerryGold, none of that other shite) and you have one of the best sandwiches you'll ever put past your lips.

16. Switzerland


Drowned in swiss cheese. Not everywhere does the sandwich like this but this one is without a doubt our favourite. Swiss cheese drowning the sandwich, and some ham inside with even more cheese. This is just amazing.

17. Sweden

Take a slice of bread, put some cheese, pickles, butter on top and a bit of meat and you've got yourself a Smörgås. It's basically an open sandwich but these seem to be the most popular toppings in Sweden.

18. Latvia


The Latvians do things right by keeping things simple. A bit of sausage, tomato and cheese and you've got yourself one of the best sandwiches in the country. Easy to put together but also one of the tastiest things you'll have in Latvia.

19. Croatia


A hot sandwich filled with cheese, ham, mayo and pickles is a big cult favourite in Croatia. Well worth trying.

20. Czech Republic


Czech Open Faced Sandwiches are pretty popular. Cheese, pickles, salami, eggs and anchovis seem to be the most popular items to put on top.

21. Greece

med106560 0311 sandwich greek vert

Salad Sandwich. Onion, feta, cucumber, tomato, parsley and some bread and you're good to go. For a country that can't seem to do banking right, they sure to sandwiches right.

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