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20th Dec 2016

Ice Cream Could Soon Be The World’s Greatest Hangover Cure


Something we’ve always dreamed of has now become a reality.

A South Korean convenience store chain has introduced a hangover-curing ice cream bar. Ice cream that gets rid of your sore head? Ahh, c’mon lads…

But seriously, it sounds like there might be some solid science to back it all up. According to Reuters, South Koreans will soon be able to get rid of any nasty hangovers with the Gyeondyo-bar, a grapefruit flavored ice cream bar with a small amount of oriental raisin tree fruit juice. 

Raisin juice has long been considered a Korean hangover treatment, dating back as far as 1600. 

Gyeondyo translates literally to “hang in there,” which is as accurate as could be.

Let’s hope some Irish scientists crack our equivalent of the oriental raisin tree ASAP!

Hangover Bar Inside

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