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08th Jan 2017

Love Sushi? This ‘Sushi Bazooka’ Is A Game-Changer

Alana Laverty

If you love sushi then you’ll know how expensive it can be… especially if you’re eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

But sometimes you really have no other option. 

It can be a tricky one to prepare at home, because it really is like an art form in itself. 

That’s where the Sushi Bazooka comes in. 

Pop all your ingredients – rice and assorted fillings – into the body of the Bazooka, close it together, compact it and then ‘shoot’ it out onto some seaweed nori sheets. 

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

Here’s some sushi combinations for you! 

Shiitake mushroom roll 

Shutterstock 130336853

Salmon, caviar and cucumber 

Shutterstock 130338524

Philadelphia roll 

Shutterstock 130343021

California roll 

Shutterstock 166098131

You can buy a Sushi Bazooka here

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