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28th Jun 2017

OMG – There’s An Actual Beer And Ice Cream Festival On This Weekend


Lookit, we LOVE beer. And we loooooooove ice-cream. They are two beautiful joys that we will always welcome into our lives with drooling, wide open mouths.

Which is why the news that there’s an entire festival on this weekend in Cork dedicated to these godly treats has made our day – our week, even.

The weekend special is part of Cork Dessert Festival (yes, you heard us right), and will be hosted by hip brewers Franciscan Well.

With a menu containing ice-cream such as Caskmates Sticky Toffee & Friar Weisse & Brown sugar, beer floats like a cherry lambic & chocolate ice cream, cocktails made from rum, cheery basil and mambajuana and of course toppings, this is gonna be one yum affair.

The sweet event will kick off on Saturday at 1pm, and more info can be found here. YUM.

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