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The Hipster Food Movement Is Dying - Plates Are Making A Comeback

By niallharbison

December 20, 2016 at 12:18am


Last year I had a major rant about what restaurants were serving food on...

After writing it, we got loads of feedback and the majority of people agreed that they'd had enough of meals on chopping boards, cocktails in jam jars and other ridiculous serving methods. 

The this insane trend was best summed up by an account called "We Want Plates" on Twitter...

How are you meant to go about eating this?

A bloody shovel???

However, the humble plate is making a comeback...

In the last 6 months it seems that plates are creeping back into restaurants. It transpires that plates, a wonderful invention that served us so well for centuries, couldn't be written off that easily.

Not just any plates though... Plates with flowers, patterns and colours on them. The more gaudy the better. Plates that look like something your granny would have pulled out of the press 20 years ago and slapped your fry up on. 

The more retro the better. Below are a few I've spotted in three of my favourite places to eat: Dillingers, Super Miss Sue and Taco Taco.

Screen Shot 2016 02 29 At 17 48 34
Screen Shot 2016 02 29 At 17 48 11
Screen Shot 2016 02 29 At 17 46 03

This will take time to filter through

Believe it or not the chopping board roast dinner or the gin cocktail in a tea pot was once hip. In fact, it was part of the hipster movement which is thankfully well behind us now. 

Recently McDonald's started serving their fries in little metal shopping trollies, and burgers on chopping boards. That shows that corporate giants are trying to play catch-up, but in turn they killing the trend. 

There is one step to go of course, and that is the comeback of the humble white plate or bowl. It will happen and my gut tells me that is where we are headed next. Soon we'll be back to white plates, without a pattern in sight. Restaurants serving their food on plain white plates will be so different that they'll stand out. 

So, thanks be to God that the horrendous hipster chopping boards are gone, and that we can actually eat our food from plates. The world is a better place again!

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