This Cool Customizable Kit-Kat Pop-up Just Opened In Australia

Australia knows what's up.


Australia's food game is seriously on point recently with some amazing street food and new cool places popping up as of recent. Now to add to the list of cool places to add to your places to visit in Australia a new customizable Kit-Kat shop has opened it's doors until August 30th.


The pop-up studio, which commemorates Kit Kat's 80th anniversary, is created in partnership with celebrated pastry chef Anna Polyviou and we just want to devour every Kit-Kat we've seen come out of there. You get to choose your chocolate base and embellish your Kit Kat with everything from rose petals to dried mango to roasted hazelnuts. It even comes in a cool personalised box.

However you can also buy some ready-to-go ones including one with honeycomb and espresso cookie and a mixed berry mascarpone cheesecake flavour.

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So why not head along Sydney's Westfield shopping centre and give it a go and make your own custom Kit-Kat!

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