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20th Dec 2016

This Might Be The Most Accurate Map Of The World Ever Drawn


This could be the most proportional map of the world ever created and it’s just been recognised at a Japanese design award ceremony.

When we think of a map of the world, most of us think of the Mercator Projection, but it has its problems (like Greenland looking far larger than it actually is).

Mercator Projection

Artist and architect Hajime Narukawa decided to rectify the mistakes of the standard world map with his own design, known as AuthaGraph.

Autha Graph

The map managed to bag the coveted Japanese Good Design Award – here’s how the chart is described by the awards’ website.

AuthaGraph faithfully represents all oceans, continents including the neglected Antarctica. These fit within a rectangular frame with no interruptions. The map can be tessellated without visible seams. Thus the AuthaGraphic world map provides an advanced precise perspective of our planet.

So if you’re planning that round-the-world trip and need a good map, you can pick up your own AutaGraph here.

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