Here's How You Can Travel Morocco On Camelback For A Tenner

The best €10 you'll spend this summer!

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No, we're not taking the piss... If you've been looking for an excuse to travel Morocco, here it is. 

On Airbnb, you can now go on Camel Tours through the desert. Choose from daytime or overnight camel treks through the dunes of Merzouga, Morocco with your host Hssain.

We're all fans of a good bargain, and it's doubtful you'll find a better one than a tent for two at just €10 a night. Giddy up!


Bet you didn't even know they had Airbnb listings in the desert... But according to his listing, Hssain, the guide, knows the desert like the back of his hand and even cooks a bitta grub and serenades you with live music at sundown.

Then when it's time to rest you're weary bones, you're tucked into your tent in the middle of nowhere. Literally.


The thing we love most about this Airbnb listing are the very specific directions:

"In center of the village take left around 150 meters where we can meet at Snack Hassi Labied or ask anyone in the village where is Hssain Ouattou??"

Seems legit?


He has gotten unreal reviews, however, and even has a camel called Bob Marley. 

If you have enough time, make sure to take a trek down the beautiful coast before you leave to visit their gorgeous seaside towns and beaches, like Essaouira.


So pack your bags, folks - you're going to Morocco!

Check it out the full Airbnb listing here.

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