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20th Dec 2016

WATCH: This New Beer Dispensing Method Is About To Change The World

James Fenton

Last month, while attending the Liverpool and Manchester United match at Anfield, I noticed something rather curious about the way in which my pre-match beer was being poured. 

Expecting the bog standard method of a half-tilted pint being hurriedly filled up towards an unnecessarily creamy head, I stared in disbelief as the barman popped the pint down on what I could only describe as some sort of suction nozzle. 

To my amazement, beer began to emerge from somewhere underneath the pint and started filling the glass from the bottom.

Looking for some sort of explanation for the madness that was unfolding before my eyes, I inquired to the barman as to what the hell was going on. He explained that a magnet at the bottom of the glass gets lifted by the nozzle and the pint is poured to a pre-programmed amount. 

Still not quite sure how it worked (I can be a tad slow sometimes, alright?) I did what any inquisitive 21st century mind would do and undertook some online research.

Here’s what I’ve found:

Still not getting it? Here’s more…

Amazing. Less spillage, saves money and not as much foam on top. It looks like the Bottoms Up system is going to change the way we drink forever.

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