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01st Sep 2021

Cue the Jaws theme tune, basking sharks have been spotted on the Clare coast!

Katy Thornton

There’s a shark in the water!

Not one, not ten, but hundreds of basking sharks have been recorded on the Clare coast in the last few days. According to the Irish Basking Shark Group’s (or IBSG) video, the sharks are engaging in courtship behaviour.

The video states that this is only the second time the sharks have been recorded behaving this way by the IBSG.

But don’t worry, basking sharks are not harmful to humans. In fact, basking sharks are considered a vulnerable species, with their numbers decreasing. It is our duty to not disturb them as they congregate in our waters, although spectators boats have raced to see the sharks since they were first spotted. The video states this is fine as long as you stay 4m away.

Basking sharks are only the latest in an influx of sea life to gather in Irish waters, with Wally the walrus sticking around and the spotting of three humpback whales on the Clare coast.

What will be spotted next?

Header image via Instagram/baskingirish

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