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31st Aug 2021

WATCH: This proposal in Dunmore East over the weekend was written in the sand

Fiona Frawley

Insert all beach and shore related puns here.

Love was in the air in Dunmore East over the weekend as musician Charlie popped the question to his childhood sweetheart Niamh with this message in the sand. As far as big proposals go, this is pretty gorge and the Irish weather even cooperated – that’s how you know it’s meant to be.

The magical moment was brought to fruition with the help of The Art Hand, a business run by Irish artists Sean and Miranda Corcoran. According to their insta bio, Sean draws massive pictures on beaches with a rake (his story checks out), and Miranda paints vibrant images on glass, so if you’ve been thinking of a message in the glass for your own proposal, you know who to hit up!

The obedient sun and stunning backdrop of Lawlor’s Beach gives the proposal a tropical feel, but the  group of lads in a polo waving around their jumpers in celebration and the evidence of all the beach goers packing 18 extra layers in preparation for the inevitable weather change takes us back to Ireland in the best possible way. Congrats to these cuties, we’re off to drop some hints in the sand to our significant others now.

Header image via Instagram/the_art_hand 

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