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28th Jun 2022

Wicklow bar dedicates an entire menu to Casa Amor Week

Katy Thornton

wicklow casa amor

The Middle Shop isn’t turning its head away from Love Island for one minute.

Love Island has been the absolute talk of  social media this year. After a couple of lack lustre seasons (I still devoured them regardless) season eight of the dating show has made quite the splash with its fiery contestants, constant drama, and recoupling switch-ups. From Dami and Indiyah’s adorable first date, to the love triangle between Jacques, Paige, and Jay, this season is giving everything we needed and more. Not to mention Ekin Su setting the villa ablaze every few episodes with her loose lips and terrace antics (whoever found her needs a damn raise).

But nothing shakes the villa up more than Casa Amor. Anticipated and dreaded with equal measure, Casa Amor is the ultimate test for couples on Love Island, and as we enter week four, it’s surely on the horizon. And if you want to watch it somewhere with a bit of atmosphere, we’ve got the perfect spot.

The Venue

Get booking, because you’re not going to want to miss out on this. The Middle Shop in Wicklow is hosting a special event next week in honour of the imminent Casa Amor episodes. Though they, and we, aren’t 100% sure when it’s starting, it’s normally about halfway through the Love Island season, so we can expect it any day now.

Not only will The Middle Shop be screening the episodes, they also have a Casa Amor themed menu; looks like they’re more obsessed with Love Island than even we are. The way some bars value sports games, The Middle Shop values the annual event that is Love Island’s Casa Amor week, and we’re buzzing about it.

They have Casa Amor themed food and drink, including Mai Tai On Paper, Laying It On Thick Chicken Strips, Peng Sort Baby Back Ribs, and Love Island Ice Tea. The kitchen will even open until 10pm every night to accommodate those ravenous throughout the episode.

If you’re a Wicklow local, or even if you’re not, consider spending an evening at The Middle Shop during Casa Amor week. You won’t regret it (the way Ekin Su now regrets ditching Davide for Jay) (I’m still rooting for those two).

Header image via Instagram/loveisland

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