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23rd Sep 2021

7 easy 90s films on Netflix for Sunday viewing

Fiona Frawley

We all know the feeling.

You’re flaked out on the couch on a Sunday afternoon. Maybe you’re feeling a little fragile after a big Saturday night, maybe you’re just back from a four hour hike you’ve been dragged on by the outdoorsy person in your life and just need to not think for a while. Even the prospect of choosing what to watch on Netflix is daunting. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with a list of iconic 90s movies – comedies, romcoms, ones that are a little creepy if that’s your vibe. All crowdpleasers, all featuring iconic 90s looks that you’ll be dying to recreate.

My Best Friend’s Wedding

It’s not a 90’s film without Julia Roberts looking stunning and pissed off in equal measures for the duration. Widely considered to be one of the best romcoms of all time, this film has everything – horrific bridesmaid dresses, THAT karaoke scene and an iconic public bathroom showdown.

Liar Liar

You’ll be happy to know that Jim Carrey and his gravity-defying facial expressions feature twice on this list. In this heartwarming comedy he plays a lawyer who can’t lie for one whole day as a result of his son’s birthday wish. It’s gorge.


Hands up if you read one book as a primary schooler and began insisting your family call you Matilda? I probably rewatch this about once a month but if you haven’t seen it in a while, I highly recommend. Zinnia’s outfits, the scene where all the household objects come to life and pretty much everything Ms Trunchbull does.. It can’t be bet.

Death Becomes Her

This film has aged excellently, has a star studded cast and even passes the Bechdel Test – sure, frenemies Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep are obsessed with the same man at the start, but they then start focussing on something more important – eternal youth. It’s creepy, it’s hilarious, it’s everything.

Notting Hill

Once you get past the fact that a man who works in a bookshop can afford to live in a house in Notting Hill, you can get lost in this Uptown Girl-esque love story between 90s romcom mega stars Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant.

The Addams Family

A con artist attempts to trick a wealthy, eccentric family out of their fortune by posing as a long lost relative. I rewatched this over lockdown, and what struck me was the unproblematic, loving relationship Morticia and Gomez (the parents of the family, if you’ve never seen) share. They walked so John and Moira Rose could run. Relationship goals aside, The Addams Family is weird, hilarious, and an essential 90s rewatch.

The Mask

Polite, unassuming bank employee Stanley finds a way to transform himself into a green faced superhero in Cameron Diaz’s breakout film. Will he save the day and get the girl? It’s the 90s so of course he will. But worth a watch anyway.

Header image via Netflix 

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