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18th Nov 2021

The trailer for season 2 of Emily in Paris has dropped

Fiona Frawley

Or should I say, Emilee in Paree?

Love her or hate her, Emily and her little Eiffel Tower bag charm fairly took over when the first season landed on Netflix last winter.

Who could forget the controversial Golden Globes nomination, and US comedian Abby Govindan’s iconic Twitter thread where she pretended to be the creator of the show, claiming to have made it “as a prank”? (if you don’t remember this, several reputable news sites took the tweet as fact, and reported on it as such. It was a whole thing, and very entertaining to see unfold).

Anyway, long story short, Emily’s back to meander her way through life in Paris, and dominate the world of marketing without learning a word of French. But she has a beret so it’s all good. Have a gawk at the trailer for season 2 below:

Emily will continue to navigate her complicated love triangle with Gabriel and Camille, with the help of best pal Mindy and her work colleagues who make no attempt to mask their disdain for her. It’s great craic.

Emily in Paris will return to Netflix this December, just in time for that week of nothingness between Christmas Day and New Year. No better show to watch while eating your weight in Christmas chocolate and turkey sambos.

Header image via Netflix/emilyinparis

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