Irish candle companies to check out ahead of the colder months

By Lynda Keogh

September 28, 2021 at 2:48pm


The change in the weather this week has been real.

We've been rooting out our wooly hats, reaching for the fluffy throws while watching TV and slowly making the change from short to long pjs. It's official: hibernation season is upon us. Time to cancel plans and spend weekends preparing warming winter stews, the full shebang. We're excited tbh. And while you're cosying up by the fire, is there anything better than lighting ~the good candle~ to complete the ambience? It's the ultimate act of self care, and it's what we deserve. Looking to treat yourself or someone else to a new taper? Here's a list of our faves by Irish companies.

Clean Slate

These candles are vegan, paraben free and made of 100% soy wax. The design is minimalism-chic, and the packaging peanuts that arrive with your package are biodegradable and simply melt under water - so clever. Gather is Clean Slate's Christmas scent, and I can personally vouch for Espresso + Coconut.

D8 Candle Company

They've even got a special Samhain scent for the season that's in it. These babies sell out in minutes during the weekly restocks (Thursday at 1pm) so set yourself a reminder and prepare to soak up the autumnal vibes.


Grá Candles

Tell your loved one how you feel, or if you can't say the words yourself - these candles will do the job for you. From the gal that brought us Grá Picnics this summer, this is an extension of that unique experience. Who is your grá?

The Irish Chandler

These guys helped to bring Grá's candles above to life, and they also have their own line too. The Irish Chandler is a well-known and well loved independent candle brand from county Clare. These guys are so popular they have stockists in the UK and in the US - bringing a little bit of home to those of you who are far away at the moment.

Reyna Candles

Reyna Candles are handmade in Kildare and are made to order. If you're looking to get into the spirit of spooky season, feat your eyes on these dotey pumpkin topped ones! Too cute.



Sómas as Béarla means comfort, and these candles will envelope you in the most luxurious and comforting scents. These candles would be an amazing gift for... that big holiday that's coming up in a few months or for anyone moving into a new house. Bring pure bliss to your mates and bag yourself a few of these for the gang.


Inspired by the familiar scents of the Irish countryside. With scents like Turf, Soft Day, Rain and Whiskey - these are bound to bring back memories of an Irish summer. These candles come in the most beautiful amber jars with twist on lids.

Tinnock Farm

These candles are gorgeous and handmade in Tipperary. Tinnock farm sell a selection of candle 'types' - candle melts, classic candles in glass jars and even aromatherapy candles for grounding, awakening and clarity. Or get into the spirit of Samhain and get yourself the Fig and Cassis!


Wordsmith Candles

Do you have a favourite classic novel? Jane Eyre, The Great Gatsby or The Count of Monte Cristo? These candles are handmade in Cavan and aim to bring some of the greatest classic novels " life through the medium of scent". Match these candles with a copy of a classic and there you have it - the perfect gift for a book lover.

Jacks Wax Candles and Wax Melts

Another gorge Irish company who've jumped on the pumpkin spice bandwagon (we can't get enough). Gorge little glass jars and wax melts for your oil burner!


Ekaya the Brand

Nudey candles in all shapes and sizes and some of the most stunning, comforting scent combos you've ever laid your nostrils on.

Header image via Instagram/tinnockfarmtipperary

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